HB Cruises Services

HB Cruises helps make cruise meetings more cost-effective, manageable and successful!

Ship Selection
The HB Cruises team has managed hundreds of incentive cruises, business conferences, educational programs, corporate and associate meetings and full charters aboard ships in worldwide destinations. At no cost to you, we’ll do all the research to find the most appealing ship options based on your client’s needs and budget.

Contract Negotiation
Cruise line contracts are entirely different from hotel contracts, with different terms, language and technicalities. We have the industry insight and clout to negotiate the most favorable rates and terms possible (plus extra program amenities). We serve as your trusted advocate and mitigate your client’s risks. HB Cruises will enter your booking into INForm for you

Cruise Line Coordination
Our dedicated and highly experienced Cruise Manager will work closely with you to ensure continuity from the early planning stages with cruise line offices ashore, all the way through to on board implementation aboard ship.

Planning & Logistics
We help you deliver a successful, stress-free, and rewarding cruise event by handling your client’s requests, managing timelines, documenting day-by-day plans, decisions, BEOs and staffing needs; providing input on shore excursions, shipboard activities and attendee communications so nothing falls through the cracks.

For buy-in programs, we can provide a sophisticated, purpose-built on line registration system that handles credit card processing, reporting, manifests, custom website design and more.

On Board Implementation
If desired, the Cruise Manager will sail with your client’s group to serve as a conference services manager. He or she will work with the shipboard staff behind the scenes, coordinating all function details so your client can concentrate on the program content and stakeholders.

Additional Optional Services
Think of us as your DMC for the High Seas available to provide whatever’s needed to adapt your client’s land-based program to a ship: Additional staff, transfers, themed gifts, hospitality desk, translation services, etc.

Program Reconciliation
After the program sails, HB Cruises will provide you and your client with a financial reconciliation of the program We will also update the pick-up in to INForm.

Branding and Signage
HB Cruises can provide custom printing & branded program amenities, including:

  • Custom signage for special events and function rooms
  • Program banner for the ship’s terminal and special group events
  • Custom signs for transportation vehicles
  • Company logo printed on daily cruise program, menus and beverage napkins
  • Branded room gifts