Why Work With HB Cruises?

HB Cruises helps make cruise meetings more cost-effective, manageable and successful!

Get Impartial, Specialized Advice
If you want objective and impartial advice, ask us! No one else can match our decades of experience exclusively planning and delivering all kinds of events at sea. And remember, we don’t work for cruise lines, we work for you and your clients.

Choose from all Ocean & River Brands
We shop the whole market (over 60 cruise brands worldwide) in all the popular and adventurous
destinations, saving you time and making it easy to compare and contrast several choices. These include ships not yet launched and brands you may not know.

Add Leverage and Clout
As long-established volume-buyers with a strong reputation across the industry, HB Cruises secures best pricing. This is combined with extra amenities negotiated for HB Associates clients to add value, enhance your program and stretch your budget

Creative Customization
Give your client’s participants a red carpet travel experience they couldn’t duplicate on their own!
The HB Cruise team excels at creating memorable events on board as well as ashore. We have lots of creative ideas to brand your ship(especially for a full ship charter) and customize your client’s program to make it uniquely their own.

Elegant Solutions
You know plans are essential. More important is what happens when plans get interrupted. Our extraordinary base of specialized knowledge and experience is the source of elegant solutions – a core value for us, a big benefit for you.

Want a Safety Net?
If you haven’t used a cruise venue before, there’s lots to learn. HB Cruises understands your questions and hesitations and can confidently guide you to wise decisions. We’re your safety net if anything unexpected happens.

Insider Connections
Business-related cruises are unique. So all the lines have specialized teams to handle these complex and elite programs. Those are the people HB Cruises works with, day in-day out. Not all groups have this kind of access.